When our next meetings are-

March 30th

April 13th

April 27th

May 11th

May 18th– Possibly a party, depending on whether or not it is earned.
What projects are we doing? -We are currently raising money for World Vision International. We are going to use the money to buy animals and any other necessities that they need.
Dodge ball
Our dodge ball fundraiser is on April 28th.
Dodge ball rules-

-If you get hit with a ball and you do not catch it, you lose a life.

-If you catch a ball, the player who threw the ball loses a life

-If you get hit in the head, the person who threw it loses a life.

-$1 = 1 life. Maximum lives, 15. The extra money that is brought in can be donated to others, for their lives. The more money you bring in, the more it helps our school.

-Whoever raises the most in first round gets first pick of teacher.

-When you lose a life you drop everything and go over to the score table and tell them your name, keep playing until you don’t have any lives left.

-After each game your lives reset.

-If you lose a game, you are out of the tournament.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Mr. Penland or Mrs. Carson!